1978 in Salem, Massachusetts

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Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Massachusetts
-City: Salem
-Asking Price: Make Offer
-Contact Info: Email Seller

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1978
-Engine: 4 cylinders
-Transmission: Manual
-Mileage: 49k
-Condition: Fair

More Info: Backstory. I got “Woodstock” the BRAT in 2004 and we restored it mechanically, motor, transmission, axles, calipers, wheels, alternator, carburetor, voltage regulator, starter, windshield, exhaust, we added a sunroof an re-did the interior, reupholstered seats, new paint and decals. It was gorgeous! Ran great too! I drove it to two Wicked Big Meets from Salem, MA to Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA and other general car shows, Topsfield, Melrose, where it won trophies in the Imports division. Damn, I love this little trucklet! Soooo many people have a soft spot for them, and kids just go crazy. They’re a huge hit at shows, more than a car 10x the “value”. The BRAT’s value comes in giant smiles!

That was the good. Here’s the bad and the ugly, with a whole lot of good at the end!

Bad news. I had some premature rusting on the wheel arches from using One-Step by 3M, it actually promoted rust! We trailered Woodstock to Pennsylvania, so a relative could repair the damage. I get sick to my stomach when I write this part. He “never got around to it” so it sat in a grass field for 5 years. The passenger side is fairly sound, but the driver’s side is toast, REALLY toast. More than I want to get involved with, in body repair. It was running great when I took it there but now starts, but won’t stay running. My guess is the fuel pump or junk/broken line.

Good news, I do have fenders, used rear quarter panels (not great but fixable to weld in) glass, doors, and other parts, many NOS that I have collected over the past 10 years in hopes of it staying alive. So if anyone with metal/welding skills and a sentimental love of the BRAT would like to make me a reasonable offer, keep in mind the cost of the parts alone for resale and I do have a love affair with selling on eBay.

You’ll get the whole boat, everything I have to fix the car. It can be repaired by someone who knows what they’re doing, (if you’re not paying them or yourself) but not by me, being a 62 year old woman, I can’t weld. 🙁

Best news, the jump seats are in it, as well as the rear seat belt pouches, and the little tool kit under the hood! if you can fix the bottom, the top will buff right out to new! Even the decals will come back to life! The bed trim is in great shape as is the roll bar.

The pictures are NOT what “Woodstock” looks like now, he’s been to hell back, but home, and my hope is he could be beautiful again if you have the skills to fix him, or turn him into a Tonka type truck, that would turn some heads!

So make me a reasonable offer for everything, I’m going to that “dark side” and getting an El Camino or an Army Jeep. 😉


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1978 Salem MA

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    Please contact with the seller direct with the above contact info(mail) for further details about this BRAT Pickup, as some seller may not monitor the post/comment here.


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