1979 Custom in Yakima, Washington

No Longer Available

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Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Washington
-City: Yakima
-Asking Price: $6,000
-Contact Info: No Longer Available

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1979
-Engine: EA82 V4
-Transmission: Manual
-Mileage: Not Listed
-Condition: Fair

More Info: 1979 GEN 1 Subaru Brat.

The Subaru has been a lot of fun but I don’t have time for it so its time to sell. The Brat was built by a machinist and welding professor from Oregon who later moved to NC. It has tons of custom work done to it. All of the suspension is custom installed as is the drivetrain and even the side skirts and fenders are custom. It’s powered by an est 190hp megasquirt controlled fuel injected turbo EA82T. The engine has been all rebuilt by the original builder and has less then 2000 miles on it since rebuild. The engine is a beast and this thing when properly tuned is like a rocket. The Brat handles very well, firm sporty feel. (read: no power-steering, bring your muscles) The suspension was also new when built so it has less then 2000 miles also. The engine management system is a custom MEGASQUIRT system with MSD individual coil igniton and fuel injection with the turbo boosting 14lbs conservatively. The engine was built up with delta cams and forged internals to handle the power. The 5 speed all wheel drive transmission shifts smoothly and accelerates very quickly. The battery is new, as is the water pump, all fluids have been checked and changed, and the radiator has been restored back to factory and the oil pump was also resealed and rebuilt. The tires on the truck are BF Goodrich mounted on 16×7.4″ aluminum racing wheels, BF Goodrich G Force Sport 205/45/ZR 16 tires, and stopping is XT disk brakes all around. The interior is left up to the new owners to tailor to their liking. The seats are ready to bolt in after you decide on a color for the interior. I have black and brown interior dashes and other original parts that will come with it. The truck does have heat but no A/C, with the two windows down and the rear window open both sides open cools great. It does include the original rear jump seats along with an optional custom made bumper that just needs paint. The paint and body work are decent. The color is a great factory subaru 1980 blue and the stripes are custom made just for this BRAT. The body work is marginal because this truck was built to enjoy and drive. It looks great from 10 feet but is in no way perfect or straight. I get is compliments when I drive around town.

ENGINE: 1986 XT ea82 rebuilt engine, delta performance cams, rebuilt oil pump, 1988 XT MPFI non-turbo manfold, flows better than the turbo, WRX intercooler, down pipe, and turbo, EDIS MSD coils, 1986 subaru XT new fuel pump, MegaSquirt-II Engine Management System w/PCB3 with usb to serial cable connection for at time tuning, rebuild water pump, new timing belts, rebuilt radiator boiled out and resoldered, and this all gooes out through mandrel bent 3″ exhaust into a 3″ magnaflow stainless muffler at the back of the truck for that classic throaty subura sound!

TRANSMISSION: EA82 2 piece driveshafts, custom front cv driveshafts in the front, and an AWD 5 speed transmission transfer all of the power to the ground at all 4 wheels

BRAKES: 1986 turbo XT master cylinder booster and disk brakes all around.

SUSPENSION AND WHEELS: the BRAT is resting on XT suspension on each corner with full new coilover setup, 16×7.5″ bronze racing wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich 205/45/ZR16 tires all around

INTERIOR AND WIRING: The BRAT has a stand alone wiring system for the engine and the stock BRAT wiring harness is running the axillaries. Gauges are factory gauge cluster all working but the Tach signal is a bit off, gas gauge sending unit is rebuilt, AutoMeter boost, oil pressure and engine coolant temperature gauge are all installed and working except the coolant gauge needle fell off. It can be removed and sent back to AutoMeter for repair or replacement. Innovate LC1 wideband O2 setup is installed for mega squirt auto tune and the gauge is installed in the dash but not hooked up as i have been reading the WIDEBAND setup on the laptop. Seats are from a mid 90s Honda prelude and covered in gray and red tweed professionally, yet to be bolted down. The door panels are stock uncovered and the bottom pressed plastic covers are included but not installed because of the Blaupunkt speakers are currently installed. The radio is a modern Subaru unit that works. The dash in the BRAT is cracked but included is a nice uncut dash with a black dash cover. There are also black arm rests included and other miscellaneous extra dash pieces. There is also newer black carpet throughout and the truck has FatMat noise cancelling installed from the roof to the floor and the doors.

PAINT AND BODY: 1980 subaru code 67 deep blue 60% flattened, door jams and engine bay painted gloss subaru 67 deep blue, inside of bed painted flat black industrial tough enamel, custom GEN 1 BRAT stripes in bronze with XTI cut in the rear bed section. Custom built fiberglass flared front fenders, fender flares built into the bedsides on the rear, custom molded side skirts installed, shaved gas doors, polished tailgate subaru badge, polished chrome door handles and locks, refinshed grill badge custom painted to match, and custom painted tailgate badge.

The truck has a stand alone fuel management and spark system with an adjustable blow off valve. The engine is very sensitive and responsive when tuned properly. I have set up the BRAT to be tuned through the AUTOTUNE software program. Literally start it up and click start tune and the laptop you hook it up to does the rest from the there.

The truck is a beast… It will need the interior finished to your liking and the jump seats mounted if you prefer. The horn is not hooked up. The only thing its missing is a 6inch brat panel behind passenger window. The MEGASQUIRT may need a retune tailored to altitude/pressure differences in your area. Other then that MAY need is a small, 1/2 gallon, cavitation tank. Either that or pull the gas tank and remove a section of baffle at the outlet of the gas tank. Sometimes under heavy acceleration the fuel pump by the tank will starve for a second or two. All things could be done in a weekend to make it your liking and setup whether a road racing weekend warrior or a daily driver around town. New battery.

I can’t tune it correctly, needs a professional to make it sing. brand new battery.

no other brats like this one around.


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  1. Good afternoon. I was wondering a few things.

    1- Is this Brat still for sale
    2- Would you consider a trade (2003 BMW 330xi) or need cash
    2.a.- Oil pan leak, windshield washer leak, cracked disa hose
    2.b.- Needs radio
    2.c.- New MAF sensor, CV Joint & axle, windshield
    2.d.- New BFG Comp T/A’s on factory wheels
    2-e.- New STUDDED Perelli SideCarvers on steel wheels

    3- I know the Brat needs tuned… but, how does it run… rich/lean

    The car actually runs great and is a billy goat in the snow and ice. if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you photos.


  2. Hello Kidd,

    Please contact with the seller direct with the above contact number for further details about this BRAT Pickup, as some seller may not monitor the post/comment here.


  3. Hello Terry,

    Please contact with the seller direct with the above contact number for further details about this BRAT Pickup, as some seller may not monitor the post/comment here.


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