1979 in Ann Arbor MI

No Longer Available

*Please note this ad is a repost

Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State:  Michigan
-City: Ann Arbor
-Asking Price: $4K
-Contact Info:  No Longer Available

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1979
-Engine: Not Listed
-Transmission: Manual
-Mileage: 55K
-Condition: Good

More Info: 1979 Subaru Brat

Bought in Arizona and shipped to Michigan in 2013

Was daily driven by previous owner, has been sitting since (covered)

Planned restoration was put on hold for home purchase

Searched for years to find one free of rust

Ran when parked, but not well

Small oil leak

Battery probably bad

Changed some fluids when I first got it

Interior isn’t great; dash is cracked, and seats are rough

Has fiberglass cap in okay shape

No jump seats or jump seats bracket

Missing a trim piece or two

Mileage believed to be orignial

Excellent candidate for restoration

Email for more details, pictures, and contact information


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1979 Ann Arbor MI


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  1. I could explain why this is a repost but, to be short GREED.
    This is NOT a $4,000 vehicle. It is a $500 vehicle.
    The sooner the owner realizes this, the sooner he/she will sell it.
    It’s a parts vehicle, nothing more. I would buy it for $500 cash today & have it shipped to Montana for spare parts. Think about it, look at others for sale & the condition they are in for the asking price. And of course, realize everybody inflates the asking price, thinking they own a gold mine. Or in this sellers mind, a Platinum mine.

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