1984 GL Ashland, OR

No Longer Available

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Asking Price: $4,000

Key Vehicle Data

  • Model Year: 1984
  • Engine: 4 Cyl
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Odometer: 187,000
  • Condition: Fair

Seller Info

  • City/Area: Ashland
  • State/Region: Oregon
  • Name: No Longer Available!
  • Phone: No Longer Available!
  • Email: No Longer Available!


More Details & Pictures

Selling my 1984 Subaru Brat (Bi-Drive, Recreational, All Terrain, Transporter) GL. I’ve had this little truck for the last Four years and 30,000 miles of its life. Its been a great little rig that has never left me stranded and it was my daily driver for over Three years.

Last January a Very OLD man VIOLATED my Dirty Brat with his Oversized Dodge RAM and took out the left front corner of the brats hood and trim. It was all very minor but the damage was done & I got left with nothing.

I looked for a hood and headlight trim for a while but I never got it, I got another Subaru instead. This truck has been sitting mostly since then, I still drive it now and then to keep the juices flowing & to turn heads.

 Its not Great but its far from Bad. It runs pretty good for a 32+ year old vehicle with 187,000 miles that was only 73 horse power to begin with, but Subaru geared it right unless your trying to go over a mountain pass at 70 mph.

The 2WD/4wd/4wd low all work, has the removable t-tops and rear facing seats in the back, tilt steering, intermediate wipers, hill assist, adjustable rear height suspension, aftermarket air horn, and disk breaks in front.

The stereo is factory and it sucks. In the last 30,000 miles and Four years I have replaced the U-Joints($141.50), Right rear wheel barring($274.90),

 All four CV axles($600.00), Water pump($180.00), keyed ignition On steering column($253.81), New windshield($260.00), Sound catalytic converter($150.00), Oil pump($93.20) lower ball joints($108.78)

And more adding up to over $2,500 with paperwork plus all the little stuff I added that total over $600 that I have Itemized along with the work done that will come with the truck.

That being said this little Brat runs fairly strong but does leak oil and burns it too, the front left corner needs some work but its an easy fix, new hood, headlight trim and straiten out headlights.

Available on any Subaru model from -1981-1984+. needs a few other minor things available on all those year of Subaru models. Registration just renewed and good for two years. Comes with original wagon/rally wheels and tires with original center cap like shown in the last few pictures plus the aftermarket wheels and tires pictured on the truck plus a spare tire and rim (nine wheels and tires total) plus chains for all four tires.

Gem Top canopy(made in Oregon) with roof rack and lights cost me over $400 to put together but looks great. The paint does shine on this Brat but was a cheap repaint in the past and it shows up close but looks good from a distance.

I purchased this car in Chico, California with 154,000 miles and have driven it all over Oregon and Loved it.

 I hate to sell it but hate to see it sit, my asking price of $4000 Is my Selling price(firm). If I do not sell it soon I will Probably just fix it later and keep it or sell for more later, I’m in no hurry to get rid of it.

Becoming a Rare vehicle by the year and this one is rust free and in decent shape minus the hood, fender ding, headlight trim and a few small odds and ends. Email is best but text works too. I will contact in order of inquiries I receive. Thanks, Isaac

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