Five 1979-1981 in Grand JCT Colorado

No Longer Available

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Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Colorado
-City: Grand JCT
-Asking Price: $6900
-Contact Info:  No Longer Available

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1986
-Engine: 4 Cylinders
-Transmission: Manual
-Mileage: 158330
-Condition: Fair

More Info:

Please understand this first—at this time only seeking to move all five subaru brats,and all the parts as one lot only.Dont contact looking for just one or just a part.Thanx.

Have the following five (1979-1981—first generation)subaru brat 4wd project cars—-none are ready to go,but very close on two to begin with.Beds are very good on all.Plus a ton of good parts.Heres a brief description on each but the photos speak volumes.

#1—1980 light blue—this one is the closest to rolling down the road;newer 1.6l engine(old one in bed)–over $1200 in receipts showing the major work done(alignment done after–2 new front axles,4 new tires,brake pads/rotor rebuild,radiator hoses,volt reg,gas tank,and more!)—runs great,but needs carb rebuild;shifter bolt.

#2–complete 1979 light blue—1.6l motor was removed,running, to be replaced w/a 1.8l,but never followed thru on.Motor in bed.

#3—1980 brown—1.6l runs great,needs carb rebuild/shifter bolt.Missing pass side window and dented @pass door and quarter panel behind door.

#4—complete 1980 dark blue–1.6l was removed,and put in bed.Has rare factory rollbar and topper(needs 2 windows).

#5–1981 red—1.8l ,complete except missing a drivers window,unknown mechanical status.

Minimum 3 have good colo titles;if cant find the other two,they are selling as parts cars then.

Two subaru factory service manuals,one haynes manual,and one orig owners manual!

and then there is all the parts—-more spare engines/drivelines/exhausts/interior gauges,radiators,window glass,body trim parts,the rear pass jump seats,tires,the rare white spoke and aluminum web original wheels,original bolts/nuts,etc,etc!!!Too much to list—look at the photos.


will sell all five subaru brat project cars,and a ton of parts,for only $6900.Will consider the following in partial trade—newer high top 4 cyl/manual trans(no automatics) cargo van,or plain jane,short/medium length school bus,with 6cyl/manual trans,or the 1995 and older chrysler cargo van,with 2.5l fi,5 spd manual.May consider 3cyl/5spd geo metros;a floor drill press(110 v,5/8″ chuck);sheets of 3/4″ plywood,etc,as trade value items as well.If you have something you want to run by me, as a partial trade,it wont hurt either.Im looking for maximum major interior space,a 3,4,or 6cyl,combined w/a a manual trans,for max mpg.

If you see this ad,they are still available.


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1979-1981 Grand JCT CO

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