avatarBRATForSale.com is designed to be the ultimate source for finding used BRATs for sale across the United States and Canada (collectively English speaking North America). The ads that we create and display on this site come from one of the three sources listed below

  1. Edited and reposted from Craigslist
  2. Summarized from eBay with auction link
  3. Ads posted directly to this site by the sellers themselves

Because many of the ads are recreated here from other sources, many of the sellers will not see any comments that you leave for them on the post. It is best to use the contact information provided to reach the seller directly with questions or to purchase. (If the seller cannot be reached or the contact information is invalid please see below)

Please note that BRATForSale.com is not directly involved in the sale of any vehicle, part or accessory list for sale on this site. The goal is simply to facilitate the buyer and seller meeting to complete the transaction on their own terms.


How We Manage Listings

Our goal is not only to display current BRATs for sale but also to act as a living database for both potential buyers and sellers. The idea is to provide a rolling tally of what BRATs have been listed for in various conditions and in different regions. The ultimate mission is that this site will be a historical resource and provide an ongoing fair market value calculator for the Subaru BRAT.


SOLD Listings & Seller Contact Info

To accomplish this goal we do not delete ads once the car has been sold and instead simply mark them as “SOLD” and remove the seller’s contact information. We also make updates to price and other conditions as ads are reposted or are edited. We do our best to keep up with this as timely as possible however we do sometimes miss these changes. Although we do update the site weekly we cannot guarantee 100% up to date accuracy or completeness. Please see our Terms of Use for more info.

If you would like to report an ad as SOLD or are a seller and would like your personal info removed. Please send us a message on our Contact page.


Affiliations & Copyright

BRATForSale.com is not endorsed by, sponsored or in any way affiliated with Subaru or the Fuji Heavy Industries conglomerate. This site is also not related to or affiliated with Craigslist or eBay. Trademarks and Brands names are used on this site in conjunction with the Fair Use clause of US copyright law.