We have now launch a full parts section on this site.  CLICK HERE to see new and used Subaru BRAT parts listed for sale.

You can also check out some other resources for parts, restorations, mods and repairs below.

Independent 3rd Party Resources

Unlike other cult classic cars of the 70s and 80s there is no dedicated parts resource for the Subaru BRAT.



This is an owner site with great personal information about repairs, mods and other details.



eBay is one of the best sources to find both used OEM parts as well as new aftermarket accessories for Subaru BRATs.  This also includes custom 4X4 parts, lift kits and more.  Use the widget below to navigate popular Subaru BRAT parts listed on eBay orto go directly to the eBay Subaru BRAT parts category.

Popular parts you will find on eBay include the following

  • Seats
  • Engine Parts
  • Transmission Parts
  • Decals
  • Wheels
  • Lift Kit Parts



Any other good parts resources?  Let us know in the comments section below…



  1. Hi if like myself I love the brats I have 3 83 _ 84 s with new and used parts that are as as far as I can find are no longer available an I mean 20 years worth am in fiscally disabled an no longer able to enjoy would like to sell a I beleave a blessing to many brat lovers and breeders just to much to began to inventory itemize evaluate and list would like to sell as a package and let some one that would appreciate the collection and have a gold mind or a life long of having what many would only dream of if u can help or know some one that mite please call Bernie at 269 716 o666 don’t let last diggets consern you verey much blessed by the lord lol in Kalamazoo mi cheers please call not much exp to tec thanks

  2. I need a windshield gasket for a 1984 Brat. The windshield is in good shape, but I have a leak. Also, looking for jumpseat mounting bracket. I have the jumpseats and the headrests/brackets. Also need some seat belts. Anyone able to help? Text me at (4 oh 6) 321- oh 175. Thanks.

  3. I have a 78 Brat, I’m looking for the roll bar and headrests with brackets for the jump seats and the front grille guard bumper

  4. I have a 1978 brat been sitting for a while , doesn’t run but totally intact, jump seat roll bars pretty decent shape straight body

  5. just bought a 1982 brat $87 into so far have had many brats over the years last one a decade ago no parts are scarce. Looking for the black tube bumpers i have seen, know they are after market but this one is not the restorable kind it is have the fun kind. Just fix it and drive it. also how do poeple put the 6 bolt rims on a brat i have ssen them done but never figured it out.

  6. I just purchased a 1985 Brat in pretty decent condition. Also purchased with it two pickup loads of parts. Lots of fenders, grills, head light bezels, doors, hoods, cowls, and much, much more. I’ll know what I have when I get all home and sorted out. There’s literally a ton of parts.

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